About Colorado ACTE

The Colorado Association for Career and Technical Education (CACTE) is the state professional association for Career and Technical Education.

Since 1917, CACTE has been the largest state organization supporting Colorado Career and Technical Educators in their efforts to prepare students for career and life success. CACTE’s members include teachers, administrators, teacher educators, career counselors, teacher candidates, business partners and other career tech professionals.

CACTE is affiliated with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the national organization for Career and Technical Education. CACTE is made up of ten divisions. When you join CACTE, you will also join one (or more) of the divisions, plus ACTE. Each division has its own leadership team, conference schedule, publications, etc. The divisions are listed and linked to the right.

The CACTE mission is: to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce.

CACTE’s purposes are:

  • Leadership and Program Improvement.  To foster excellence in Colorado career and technical education.
  • Policy Development.  To advocate for public policy in Colorado to benefit career and technical education.
  • Knowledge Connectivity.  To act as  a clearing house for education and information relating to all aspects of Colorado career and technical education, while providing access to professional development.
  • Awareness.  To create public awareness of Colorado career and technical education.

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