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CTE Teacher of the Year

Career and Technical Education Teacher of the Year


This award recognizes the finest career and technical teachers at the middle/secondary school level who have demonstrated innovation in the classroom, commitment to their students and dedication to the improvement of CTE in their institutions and communities.


All candidates must be employed as classroom/laboratory career and technical education teachers at the middle/secondary school level to be eligible for this award. Contributions and achievements on which the nomination is based should have been made within the past ten years.

The nominee should have been involved in some capacity in ACTE activities at the regional and/or national level and must have been a member of CACTE/ACTE for a minimum of the past five consecutive years.

Nominees recognized by persons outside their immediate field of endeavor and persons who have made contributions to education outside their field on state and national levels will be highly considered. Contributions to civic and philanthropic causes will also be considered. This award does not exclude any classroom teacher from nomination for any other CACTE/ACTE award. This is a competition award and only one individual will be selected.

Application Procedures

1. Complete online application at:
2. Provide a program description of no more than two pages.
3. Professional membership and activities, one page.
4. Professional contributions (may include presentations and publications), one page.
5. Training and experience background (to include educational training and work experience), one page.
6. Civic and community involvement (to include civic, fraternal and/or honorary memberships and contributions), one page.
7. Include two letters of support recommending the candidate as relates to the above areas.. These letters may come from the following individuals:

      • A supervisor
      • A colleague
      • A parent/guardian
      • A current or former student
      • A community leader

8. A current photo/headshot, color or black and white, MUST be included.  Photo should be digital, high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and submitted in .jpg format.  Files 2 MB or larger are preferred.


All nominations must be completed online by June 12.

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