Dec 09

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Executive Director Farewell



     CACTE and CTE have had a good year. Both the national and state legislators have been very positive in helping CTE grow. Career and Technical Education continues to be in the forefront of most discussions and changes we have seen. We still have challenges ahead, like finding funding, but we are on the right path. We have work to do educating the new administrations and legislators both in Colorado and Washington to help them understand the importance of CTE in every student’s education pathway.

     Our CACTE membership continues to grow as a whole and in all of our division. ACTE has seen a growth this year and joined several other organizations in promoting CTE.

As most of you may know I am stepping down as the executive director. This is my 43rd year in education and it is now time to step back and let the next generation of CTE begin. I plan to travel, get back into photography, woodworking, remodeling and spending more time with family and friends. Just coming from ACTE Vision in Vegas, I saw several new technologies that might need a little of my attention. Things have changed since I taught photography and CADD.

I would like to thank everyone for a great 8 years as the executive director of Colorado ACTE. I have an amazing wife that has been there to help, my son Justin and daughter Margaret were there helping with the new technologies and support. They have all been there packing bags, helping organize conferences, training with social media and the website, moral support during the long hours, and making sure that Colorado ACTE was the best it could be.

I leave you in great hands with your current board, Katy Blatnick-Gagné, Jay Moore, Janny Jarvis, Renee Kuharski PhD. Those that have been there and continue to lead and bring Colorado ACTE to be the best CTE association, Mark Bell, Mary Stecklein, Mimi Leonard, Jonathan Howard, Dr. Dan Lucero, and our two ACTE Fellows this year Shelley Geordt, and Kim Baldwin. They are your team leading you through the 100th Anniversary as your professional organization, Colorado ACTE. It is an exciting time to be involved, so please join your leadership in promoting CTE.

I welcome Deb Nelson with all of her expertise, energy and knowledge of CTE. You are in good hands. Deb has been very active in the Family and Consumer Sciences Division and has been to several National Policy Seminars in Washington DC. She will continue the CACTE tradition of being your CTE professional organization, providing the best professional development for all.

I will miss you all, now lets party!

Darrell Green PhD

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