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CACTE STRATEGIC THEMES FOR 2018-19 (program of work)

Recently, the ACTE Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan to move us forward into 2020.  Colorado ACTE decided to support the work of the national Board and has chosen to focus on 2 of the strategic themes included in the ACTE plan:  Member Value/Engagement and Professional/Leadership Development.  These themes will be a focus …

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2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit Presentations

Here are the presentations that have been shared with CACTE to date.  If you would like a specific presentation not listed here, please email Debbie (cacte@cacte.org) and she will contact the presenter. BTinker.CACTE.2018.CompetencyBasedEd.Presentation cPearlBoundariesCACTE2018;  cPearlBoundariesCACTE2018 F.Jacobs-REngler-Powering.the.Globe.with.CTE JBusch.2018.CACTE.Prezi JGeiselman.CACTE.Presentation.2018 LJones.ACE.CACTE.2018 LJones.Equity.in.CTE.2018 CACTE MMartin.CACTE2018_WBL101_ResourceList MMartin.CACTE2018.WBLCredentialingSession NCarter-MKrisko.Mill.Presentation.CACTE2018 SMease.CACTE.link.2018 TSalazar.CACTE2018.legislative.update CACTE2018.PPBEA.Business-Industry.Presentation CareerWise Colorado.video.link CareerWise.wo.videos.CACTE 2018  

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Thank you to these leaders who have stepped to serve our career and technical education professional association!  We especially appreciate Mimi Leonard serving as “honorary” past president for the last year – your experience was extremely valuable to the Board, Mimi! Serving on the 2018-2019 CACTE Executive Committee are:       President:  Kimberly Baldwin …

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Super cool new promotional video from Colorado CTE – CCCS!

The Colorado CTE Team introduced us to the super cool new promotional video for general audiences this morning during the “State of the State” address at the 2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit.  Several people have already asked for the link, so here it is! https://youtu.be/tt7Vu4xTpkQ Please use this video far and wide to let students and …

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