You may recall that a major revision of the CACTE Bylaws was approved by the membership at the 2019 CACTE Annual Business Meeting. As with any living document, a few “oops” items were discovered during the year. These proposed Bylaws changes aim to redeem those “oops” items. The CACTE Board voted unanimously to recommend these Bylaws changes to the membership.

You can reference a copy of the current CACTE bylaws HERE! Voting on the proposed Bylaws changes will also happen in a hybrid method. For those members not attending the 2019 CACTE CareerTech Summit or wishing to vote ahead of time, you can vote online (CACTE website) beginning July 1. For those members attending the Summit, you can vote in person Monday all day or Tuesday until noon. BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR MEMBER ID NUMBER HANDY in order to vote! 🙂


Article V, Section 3 – OFFICERS, Vacancy

  • Add a sentence “If the office of President becomes vacant, the President-Elect serves as Acting President for the remainder of the President’s term.  The person would then serve his/her own year as President.”
  • RATIONALE: Bylaws told what to do for all officer vacancies except President – oops!


  • Delete “E” regarding candidates for President-Elect needing to be from a different division than current President-Elect
  • Re-letter F and G to E and F
  • RATIONALE: ACTE used to have same statement in bylaws; removed because felt that experience on Board was most important; this statement can leave CACTE without a president-elect candidate, even if a qualified person is willing to step up

Article VIII, Section 2 – BOARD, Composition

  • Change first sentence to read “The Board shall consist of the CACTE officers, Division Presidents, Division Presidents-Elect and the chairs of CACTE committees.”
  • Add additional sentence “If a committee chair is unable to attend a meeting, he/she may select a representative from the committee as a proxy.
  • RATIONALE: Board needs to be apprised of committee work; hard to do without committee chairs as part of Board; many other state associations use this model.

Article IX, Section 3 – COMMITTEES, Operation

  • Move current 3B to 3C
  • Insert new 3B to read “CACTE Committee chairs shall serve as voting members of the CACTE Board.”
  • RATIONALE: Carries through with CACTE committee chairs serving on the Board.

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