COVID-19 Update regarding CACTE Summit

First, know that CACTE and ACTE are doing everything we can to support you as you move towards online teaching/learning. PLEASE take advantage of the CTE Learn free course offer for online teaching if you need support.

Second, as of 3/24/20, we are continuing to move forward with plans for a face-to-face 2020 CACTE CareerTech Summit in Grand Junction in July. We understand that some school districts are forbidding registration for summer conferences at this point – obviously, you’ll need to follow those guidelines. If you do register now, please mark “pay by check”…..and then don’t pay yet! Let’s wait and see how things play out over the coming weeks…..

Hopefully by mid-May, the picture will be more clear and CACTE can make a decision about the status of the Summit. Your support and participation in your professional association are more important than ever! Hang in there!

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