Congrats on 2nd Annual CYCF, CCD Division!

The CO Youth Career Fair was a big success!

CCD Division President, Tanya Vigil and CTE Supporter, Larry Beer were the co-chairs for the 2nd Annual CO Youth Career Fair. This year’s Fair included live events as well as virtual panels in a variety of career clusters/pathways. The live kickoff event at Ft Collins HS included Skilled Trades/CTE Advocate, Kayleen McCabe and all of her energy around helping students to understand the huge number of options available to them for their futures. Kayleen enjoyed a tour of the FCHS Skilled Trades area before the live kickoff of the CYCF.

To wrap up the Fair, Cherry Creek Innovation Center hosted the Transportation and Health Sciences panels live. There were lots of students and parents in attendance and a wide variety of great information was shared by professionals in both pathways. Very few of the professionals had a career pathway that was a straight line! 🙂

Thanks to Tanya, Larry and all the panelists for helping CO youth to have opportunities to learn about the myriad of careers out there to be explored!

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