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CACTE Committees

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CACTE Audit/Budget Duties include: Audit financial records prior to or at the annual conference. Prepare a written report, file it with the CACTE Secretary and report at the annual CACTE conference. Study the needs of each officer and committee and budget sufficient funds, considering the financial status of the Association, so each committee can operate …

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Awards and Archives

CACTE Awards and Archives Duties include: Develop and maintain standards for CACTE awards. Solicit nominations for the CACTE awards through the CACTE Newsletter and/or other appropriate means. Meet and/or mail award applications to the committee to determine award winners and send results to committee members. Notify all award winners and nominators of results and invite …

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CACTE Communications Duties include: Cooperate with the Executive Director in developing public understanding and appreciation of vocational, career and technical education. Develop methods of publicizing vocational, career and technical education. Cooperate with the staff of the Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System for media coverage of the annual CACTE conference. Work with members on …

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Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolutions

CACTE Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolutions Duties Include: Evaluate and review the CACTE Articles of Incorporation and the Constitution/By-Laws for any needed changes. Receive proposed changes in the Constitution/By-Laws from CACTE members as defined in Article XI-1, CACTE Constitution/By-Laws. Arrange for the printing and distribution of the CACTE Constitution/By-Laws. Solicit resolutions, including intent and rationale, prior …

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CACTE Legislative Duties include: Keep members informed of legislation at the local, state and national levels which would directly or indirectly affect vocational, career and technical education. Establish and maintain good relationships with state and national legislators. Keep legislators informed of accomplishments and concerns of vocational, career and technical education throughout the year. Work closely …

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CACTE Membership/Nominations Duties include: Promote membership in CACTE, ACTE, and the Divisions by: a) securing new members and b) reminding non-renewals in September and January to pay their membership dues. Work with the CACTE Executive Director and CACTE Treasurer in making arrangements to collect dues at the CACTE Conference. Prepare CACTE membership promotional materials for …

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Program of Work

CACTE Program of Work Duties include: The CACTE President-elect shall serve as the chair of this committee and plan the next year’s Program of Work. Submit the Program of Work to the Executive Committee and the CACTE Board for review at the spring meeting. Submit the Program of Work to the CACTE Board for approval. …

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Social and Exhibits

CACTE Social and Exhibits Duties include: Coordinate the following CACTE banquet activities with the CACTE President: Location Finances Food Service Entertainment Table Decorations Tickets CACTE guests. Reserve tables at the banquet for CACTE division officers, CACTE past presidents, CACTE officer nominees, award winners and their guests and local organization presidents. Notify and supervise hosts and/or …

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