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Awards and Archives

CACTE Awards and Archives

Duties include:

  • Develop and maintain standards for CACTE awards.
  • Solicit nominations for the CACTE awards through the CACTE Newsletter and/or other appropriate means.
  • Meet and/or mail award applications to the committee to determine award winners and send results to committee members.
  • Notify all award winners and nominators of results and invite them and their guests to the awards presentation.
  • Arrange for the purchase/engraving of awards, working with the Executive Director.
  • Arrange for the presentation of awards at the annual CACTE awards function.
  • Prepare a written report on the activities of the committee and file it with the CACTE Secretary at the annual conference.
  • Maintain a file of CACTE activities for the current year.
  • Periodically review contents of archives to assure safekeeping.
  • Provide access to archives for research purposes as deemed appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain the standards set forth by the founding CACTE Hall of Fame Committee.
    1. Keep a copy of the CACTE Hall of Fame Policies and Procedures on file with the CACTE Executive Director. Any changes or modifications must be approved by the CACTE Executive Board.
    2. Develop and submit budget for the committee activities to the Audit/Budget Committee Chairman for approval. The Hall of Fame Committee will solicit or
      obtain funds to cover their budget request each year.
    3. Prepare news releases and mail to local newspapers.

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