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CACTE Membership/Nominations

Duties include:

  • Promote membership in CACTE, ACTE, and the Divisions by: a) securing new members and b) reminding non-renewals in September and January to pay their membership dues.
  • Work with the CACTE Executive Director and CACTE Treasurer in making arrangements to collect dues at the CACTE Conference.
  • Prepare CACTE membership promotional materials for distribution.
  • Support nomination process for CACTE officers:
    1. Distribute applications for CACTE officers to the division presidents in the winter for distribution to their members.
    2. Collect the applications for CACTE offices from division presidents in the spring.
    3. Contact divisions again if two nominations are not received for vacant offices.
    4. Screen and interview candidates for office.
    5. Prepare the ballots for the CACTE membership.
    6. Supervise the election process during the annual CACTE Conference.
    7. Serve as the official tabulators of the votes cast during the election of CACTE officers.
    8. Establish a file of possible candidates that can be drawn from in the event a division does not make a nomination.
  • Maintain a permanent record of the activities of the committee and file a summary with the CACTE Secretary at the annual CACTE Conference.

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