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Program of Work

CACTE Program of Work

Duties include:

  • The CACTE President-elect shall serve as the chair of this committee and plan the next year’s Program of Work.
  • Submit the Program of Work to the Executive Committee and the CACTE Board for review at the spring meeting.
  • Submit the Program of Work to the CACTE Board for approval.
  • Cooperate with the Executive Committee in assigning responsibility for the activities set forth in the Program of Work.
  • Encourage members to follow the Program of Work.
  • Work with the CACTE President to carry out the current Program of Work.
  • Cooperate with the Board in evaluating the Association’s utilization of the Program of Work at the end of the year.
  • Submit a copy of the CACTE Program of Work to the ACTE Region V  Vice President each year.
  • Maintain a permanent record of the activities of the committee and file a summary with the CACTE Secretary at the annual CACTE Conference.

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