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Social and Exhibits

CACTE Social and Exhibits

Duties include:

  • Coordinate the following CACTE banquet activities with the CACTE President:
    1. Location
    2. Finances
    3. Food Service
    4. Entertainment
    5. Table Decorations
    6. Tickets
    7. CACTE guests.
  • Reserve tables at the banquet for CACTE division officers, CACTE past presidents, CACTE officer nominees, award winners and their guests and local organization presidents.
  • Notify and supervise hosts and/or hostesses for all guests attending the banquet and make all arrangements for the welcoming and hospitality of these guests, working with the CACTE Awards Committee.
  • Make all the necessary arrangements for social activities of CACTE.
  • Coordinate Trade Exhibit
    1. Cooperate with the Executive Director in carrying out the following duties:
      1. Contact exhibitors
      2. Provide space for the exhibits
      3. Collect exhibitor fees
      4. Solicit new exhibitors
      5. Establish exhibitor time schedules.
    2. Assist exhibitors in setting up their exhibits.
    3. Provide nametags and ribbons to exhibitors.
    4. Plan, organize, and assist with the CACTE Professional Development Program at the annual CACTE Conference.
    5. Provide all necessary hospitality for exhibitors.
    6. Coordinate the CACTE Professional Development Program with the
      CACTE President.
    7. Assure maximum exposure of exhibits.
    8. Provide evaluation forms for Trade Show exhibitors.
    9. Prepare written report on the activities of the committee and file with the
      CACTE Secretary within 30 days after the annual CACTE Conference.
  • Prepare a written report on activities of the committee and file it with the CACTE Secretary within 30 days after events.

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