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CACTE Committees

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MISSION:  Recognize outstanding achievements by individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the career and technical education field in Colorado DUTIES INCLUDE: Follow ACTE’s awards criteria and selection process for ACTE/CACTE Excellence Awards Develop, review, and update criteria and applications for CACTE Excellence Awards (specific to CACTE) Solicit nominations for the ACTE/CACTE awards Encourage Divisions …


MISSION: Keep the Bylaws and Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) current, reflective of desires and needs of members, and inclusive of changes needed in CACTE Bylaws and/or PPM necessitated by changes in ACTE Bylaws DUTIES INCLUDE: Co-chaired by the Past President and Secretary Evaluate Bylaws and Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) for any necessary revisions Receive and make proposed …


MISSION: Ensure that Colorado CTE and CACTE information is visible to members and to the public DUTIES INCLUDE: Convey to public and membership the mission, purposes and function of the association Share CTE public relations materials via website, social media, e-newsletters and other appropriate means Promote the desirability of becoming a career and technical education …


MISSION: Provide CACTE members and other CTE professionals access to high quality professional development in a face-to-face setting DUTIES INCLUDE: Refer to Conference Planning section of the Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) for more details Oversee planning of annual conference by executive director Make decisions regarding broad scheduling changes Provide insight into possible conference locations Review call …


MISSION: Safeguard the assets of the association DUTIES INCLUDE: Develop appropriate financial oversight process for the finances of the association Create and maintain a culture of honesty and high ethics Review association resources and determine a percentage of annual operating budget to set aside as a reserve/contingency fund Arrange for annual financial review of records …


MISSION: Advise CACTE Board and members on legislative issues impacting career and technical education and develop an effective network for the dissemination of information regarding legislative issues DUTIES INCLUDE: With the assistance of the CACTE/CACTA Legislative Specialist and/or ACTE: Keep members informed of legislation at the local, state and national levels which impacts CTE Develop …


MISSION: To promote and position Colorado ACTE as a desired organization for teachers, administrators and professionals to join and become engaged, active members DUTIES INCLUDE: Increase membership in the association through retention of existing members and recruitment of new members Identify new markets for membership growth Create, promote and enhance member benefits and services Prepare …