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  • Keep the Bylaws and Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) current, reflective of desires and needs of members, and inclusive of changes needed in CACTE Bylaws and/or PPM necessitated by changes in ACTE Bylaws


  • Co-chaired by the Past President and Secretary
  • Evaluate Bylaws and Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) for any necessary revisions
  • Receive and make proposed Bylaws changes; discuss and submit to the CACTE Board as described in Bylaws Article XI
  • If the CACTE Board approves Bylaws changes for presentation to the membership, write summary sheet of changes and post/distribute according to timeline in Article XI, section 2
  • If approved by the membership, arrange for the posting/distribution of revised CACTE Bylaws, including to ACTE
  • If there are approved ACTE Bylaws changes, make necessary automatic updates to CACTE Bylaws
  • Receive and make proposed PPM changes; discuss and submit to the CACTE Board for approval as described in the PPM
  • If approved by Board, distribute revised PPM to Board members
  • Work closely with president, executive director and Board during this process

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