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CACTE Governing Documents

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CACTE Bylaws, revised 2019

The amended CACTE bylaws were approved by the members at the Annual Business Meeting, held during the 2019 CACTE CareerTech Summit.  This document governs the way CACTE operates in general terms, and is in accordance with the ACTE bylaws. 2019-7.current.CACTE.bylaws The CACTE Policies & Procedures Manual is approved by the Board.  The PPM contains the …

CACTE Policies & Procedures Manual, 2020 update

The completely revised CACTE Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM) was approved by the Board in June 2019. A “housekeeping” update was complete in June 2020. The PPM is a complementary document to the Bylaws and prescribes the more “nitty gritty” operations of the Association. Click here to access the 2020 CACTE Polices & Procedures Manual.

2019-2020 CACTE Strategic Goals

Based on the ACTE Strategic Themes, Colorado ACTE will focus on these five goals during Robert Van Dyke’s presidency. The CACTE Executive Committee, CACTE Board and Divisions will use the goals to direct our work.