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2017 Legislative Session – Final Reports

CTE Brief Narrative_PDF 2017 Session

CTE 2017 Bill Report_PDF FINAL

2017 Session Summary_PDF CACTE Conference

SB17-267 Summary Chart_FINAL_PDF

2016 Legislative Session

CTE Bill Report_4.10.2016

P20 Legislative Narrative_4.10.2016

CTE Bill Report_3.20.2016

P20 Narrative_3.20.2016

CTE Bill Report_3.6.2016

Workforce Development Package_3.3.2016

Legislative Narrative_3.6.2016

CTE Bill Report_2.28.2016

Legislative Narrative_2.28.2016

CTE Bill Report_2.7.2016

CACTA Winter Conf PPT_2.12.2016

CTE Bill Report_2.15.2016

CTE Narrative_2.15.2016

CTE Bill Report_1.31.2016

CTE Narrative_1.31.2016

CTE Bill 16-0732_02

CTE Bill Report_1.24.2016

CTE Narrative_1.24.2016

Final Bill Report and Legislative Papers July 2015

CTE 2015 Bill Report_FINAL_5.21.2015

CTE 2015 Legislative Digest

Final Bill Report and Legislative Papers July 2014

February 2014 Legislative Updates

January 2014 Legislative Updates

CACTE 2013 Summit Updates

February Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

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