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The ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program began in 2009 as an Opportunity Fund project initiated by the ACTE Board of Directors. The purpose of the ACTE Fellowship Program is to:

  • help establish a leadership development program for CTE educators in ACTE and assist individuals in further developing their leadership skills in CTE and their involvement in professional associations

  • provide an opportunity for CTE educators to become familiar with and participate in the processes used by policymakers in the development and implementation of laws, regulations and other public policies at the local, state and federal levels

  • identify, train and motivate a cadre of leaders who will continue to position ACTE as a leader in developing an educated, prepared, adaptable and competitive workforce

In summary, the ACTE Fellowship Program is an instrument to provide professional development, policy knowledge and leadership development.

Colorado ACTE is proud to claim three of these distinguished 2023 Fellows as members! One member of the "Experienced" cohort is Jordan Whittington, representing Region V. Jordan is the Program Director of Health & Public Safety at CCCS. Also in the "experienced" cohort is Dr. Jaime Fiorenza, CTE Director for Denver Public Schools, representing the Administration Division. And in the "New Professional" cohort is Janae Hunderman, representing Region V. Janae is an education consultant with CDE and CWDC.

Congratulations and know that Colorado ACTE is supporting you in this leadership journey!

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