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Becoming an advocate is one of the most important actions you can take to secure the future of CTE!  Connect with your elected officials at all levels – local, state, and national.  Invite these officials to visit your program and see the students in action – that is what can sell them on the value of today’s CTE.  Part of ADVOCACY is education; part of ADVOCACY is legislation.  It's all about OUTREACH!

CACTE’s Legislative Specialists from Salazar & Associates

Great Advocacy Resources from ACTE!

ACTE has great advocacy resources available on their website! These can be used or adapted for advocacy at any level – local, state or national.  Explore what’s here for your use! This is a screen shot of what the page looks like on the ACTE website.

CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST CACTE BILL REPORT - see the current status of bills that the CACTE Legislative Committee is monitoring and any positions CACTE has taken on bills; if you visit the site often, be sure to refresh upon each new visit for the latest information

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