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CACTE Leadership Development

Colorado ACTE assists individuals in further developing their leadership skills in CTE through active participation in the ACTE/CACTE/Divisions family of professional associations. There are numerous opportunities to get more involved through CACTE Division leadership, service on CACTE committees as well as holding a CACTE office.  And there are more opportunities at the Region V and ACTE level as well.

For the summer 2024 election, CACTE is looking for qualified candidates for CACTE President-elect and CACTE Treasurer. President-elect candidates must have previously served on the CACTE Board and it is a three year commitment. Treasurer candidates do not need previous CACTE Board experience and it is a two year commitment.

If you are interested, please complete the CACTE officer application. 🙂 We need YOU to model the leadership you encourage in your students through CTSOs!

ACTE Leadership Development

ACTE also offers numerous opportunities for leadership development. Click to learn about programs like the ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program, the NextLevel Postsecondary CTE Fellowship, and the IAED Mentorship Program.

CACTE Ballot

CACTE members interested in serving as CACTE secretary or treasurer (2-year term) can complete the officer application form to run. To run for CACTE president-elect (3-year term), you need to have served on the CACTE Board previously. That means you have either been a Division president, CACTE Committee Chair, CACTE secretary or CACTE treasurer.

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