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CACTE Committees

Are you interested in sharing your time, talents and skills with CACTE?  Join a CACTE Committee and meet new people, make a difference for Colorado CTE and give back to your professional association!

Complete this application to indicate your interest in getting involved on a CACTE Committee.

Refer to the CACTE Gov Docs section of the CACTE website for more information about the CACTE Committees, their missions, and tasks outlined in the following governing documents:

  • Bylaws - Article IX

  • Policies & Procedures Manual - Governance: CACTE Committees




Recognize outstanding achievements by individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the career and technical education field in Colorado



  • Follow ACTE’s awards criteria and selection process for ACTE/CACTE Excellence Awards

  • Develop, review, and update criteria and applications for CACTE Excellence Awards (specific to CACTE)

  • Solicit nominations for the ACTE/CACTE awards

  • Encourage Divisions to submit nominees

  • Be sure nominator enters all materials needed on CACTE awards portal by deadline

  • Review applications and select award winners for each category, using awards portal

  • Notify all award winners and nominators of results and invite them/their guests to the awards presentation(s) at the CACTE CareerTech Summit

  • Arrange for the purchase/engraving of awards

  • Arrange for the presentation of awards at the CACTE CareerTech Summit- suggested to invite nominator to do presentation

  • Ensure that ACTE/CACTE Excellence Awards winners are moved on to Region V Awards through the awards portal, after reviewing their application



  • Keep the Bylaws and Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) current, reflective of desires and needs of members, and inclusive of changes needed in CACTE Bylaws and/or PPM necessitated by changes in ACTE Bylaws



  • Co-chaired by the Past President and Secretary

  • Evaluate Bylaws and Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) for any necessary revisions

  • Receive and make proposed Bylaws changes; discuss and submit to the CACTE Board as described in Bylaws Article XI

  • If the CACTE Board approves Bylaws changes for presentation to the membership, write summary sheet of changes and post/distribute according to timeline in Article XI, section 2

  • If approved by the membership, arrange for the posting/distribution of revised CACTE Bylaws, including to ACTE

  • If there are approved ACTE Bylaws changes, make necessary automatic updates to CACTE Bylaws

  • Receive and make proposed PPM changes; discuss and submit to the CACTE Board for approval as described in the PPM

  • If approved by Board, distribute revised PPM to Board members

  • Work closely with president, executive director and Board during this process



Ensure that Colorado CTE and CACTE information is visible to members and to the public.


  • Convey to public and membership the mission, purposes and function of the association

  • Share CTE public relations materials via website, social media, e-newsletters and other appropriate means

  • Promote the desirability of becoming a career and technical education professional

  • Encourage CACTE members to submit articles for CACTE and/or ACTE publications

  • Make internal communications with CACTE Board members available through electronic means



Provide CACTE members and other CTE professionals access to high quality professional development in a face-to-face setting.


  • Refer to Conference Planning section of the Policies/Procedures Manual (PPM) for more details

  • Oversee planning of annual conference by executive director

  • Make decisions regarding broad scheduling changes

  • Provide insight into possible conference locations

  • Review call for presentation proposals document

  • Evaluate calls for presentation proposals; select sessions to be presented; help slot into program




Safeguard the assets of the association


  • Develop appropriate financial oversight process for the finances of the association

  • Create and maintain a culture of honesty and high ethics

  • Review association resources and determine a percentage of annual operating budget to set aside as a reserve/contingency fund

  • Arrange for annual financial review of records

  • Arrange for an audit at the end of an executive director’s tenure

  • Prepare proposed CACTE budget and submit to the CACTE Executive Committee

  • Monitor investments for appropriateness and return on investment



Advise CACTE Board and members on legislative issues impacting career and technical education and develop an effective network for the dissemination of information regarding legislative issues.


  • With the assistance of the CACTE/CACTA Legislative Specialist and/or ACTE:

    • Keep members informed of legislation at the local, state and national levels which impacts CTE

    • Develop and distribute annual CACTE Legislative Priorities document

    • Establish and maintain good relationships with state and national legislators

    • Keep legislators informed of accomplishments and concerns of CTE throughout the year

    • Work closely with the Colorado Community Colleges System and ACTE on state/national legislation

    • Organize and maintain a communications network among committee members so that immediate action can be set into motion

    • Be prepared to contact legislators by most appropriate method

    • Ensure posting of legislative information/updates as needed

  • Coordinate statewide legislative activities, such as Day at the Capitol or advance preparation for National Policy Seminar activities

  • Adhere to Legislative Committee Operating Norms

    • Participate in biweekly committee calls during Legislative Session and other calls as needed




To promote and position Colorado ACTE as a desired organization for teachers, administrators and professionals to join and become engaged, active members.


  • Increase membership in the association through retention of existing members and recruitment of new members

  • Identify new markets for membership growth

  • Create, promote and enhance member benefits and services

  • Prepare CACTE membership promotional materials for distribution

  • Provide and maintain avenues for communication from members about concerns regarding both ACTE and CACTE

  • Continuously update communications list

  • Follow up with lapsed members, encouraging them to renew membership

  • Recognize years of membership at CACTE CareerTech Summit

CACTE Committees

  • Awards

  • Bylaws/Policies & Procedures

  • Communications

  • Conference Planning

  • Finance

  • IAED (Inclusion, Access, Equity & Diversity)

  • Legislative

  • Membership

  • Outreach/Advocacy

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