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Updated: Jan 25

Professional Development Grant Available for CACTE Members to Attend Professional Development Opportunities

The CACTE Professional Development Grant was created to support our members' ability to access professional growth opportunities. We know increasing our capacity and knowledge within the education system allows us to create systems to more holistically support our role and the stakeholders we work with. However, funds may not be readily available to you to allow you to participate in an event. This grant provides monies to meet or offset the cost of professional development opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to: National Policy Seminar, ACTE and CACTE professional growth opportunities/conferences and workshops. YOU MUST ALREADY BE A MEMBER WHEN YOU APPLY. Those who are granted monies will be requested to share out to colleagues about their experience and what they learned to help market the potential for others to apply for this grant. Click HERE to apply - have your CACTE/ACTE membership ID handy!

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