EXHIBITORS, your support of Colorado CTE and CACTE is greatly appreciated!  Exhibitor registration is LIVE as of 3/29/19 and will continue through June 10 – CLICK HERE!. We love having you as exhibitors and we appreciate any sponsorships you can provide. See the sponsorship opportunities list HERE! The Embassy Suites reservation link can be found on the CACTE web posting below or in your exhibitor registration information.

Exhibitor Table$460, includes 1 6’ draped table, 2 chairs, wastebasket, Monday/Tuesday lunches, AM beverage service and PM snack breaks, logo/company contact info in mobile app if provided by 
Extra Exhibitor(s) – up to 3 people totalNo additional charge for 3 people total
1 Extra Table$70
2 Extra Tables$140
3 Extra Tables$200
Advertisement in Event Mobile App$100 – more details to follow, including due date
1 page Color Flyer in Summit bag$150 – provide PDF copy by June 1 and CACTE will make copies for you
1 page Black/White Flyer in Summit bag$60 – provide PDF copy by June 1 and CACTE will make copies for you

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2019 CACTE CareerTech Summit: Educate, Advocate, Lead!

July 14-18, 2019 at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!!  Please read this info first, then CLICK HERE FOR REG SITE!

Thank you for your patience as we worked to get the kinks out of the “new to us” registration system. We are using a less expensive site this year – lots of you are familiar with it from CTSO conference registrations. And you can register more than one person at a time – yay! 🙂

Remember that the early bird MEMBER rate (showing now) and regular MEMBER rate (starting May 16) are for current MEMBERS ONLY.  Don’t know if you are an ACTE/CACTE member?  Do you receive Techniques magazine from ACTE?  Then you are a member and your member # is on the mailing label.  Still not sure?  Email cacte@cacte.org to ask about your membership status.  HINT FROM DEBBIE:  I keep my prof assn membership numbers in my phone contacts for future reference. 😉

  • 3/18 – 5/15 Early Bird MEMBER Rate applies
  • 3/18 – 7/8 Nonmember rate applies
  • 5/16 – 7/8 Regular MEMBER rate applies
  • by 5/31 All hotel reservations made by using the CACTE Embassy Suites website HERE
  • 7/9 – 7/17 Walk in rate applies
  • 7/10 Payments should be received by CACTE

The CACTE CareerTech Summit is an integral component of your overall professional learning plan with a format created to meet individual professional development needs and align with strategic-improvement plans. You will accomplish more by taking full advantage of a wide range of general CTE sessions, division-planned professional development, and time for networking with business and industry, all focused on what you need to succeed in your program, your institution and your community.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

At the CACTE CareerTech Summit, you will:

  • Hear from nationally known speakers
  • Connect with your colleagues and leaders in Colorado CTE       
  • Mingle with CTSO state officers
  • Experience firsthand the exciting future of CTE across Colorado
  • Form beneficial new partnerships with the business and industry sector
  • Energize your program by using what you learn to positively impact your students’ success

Your Summit registration cost includes lunches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, along w afternoon snack breaks and morning coffee/tea.

Early Bird MEMBER reg rate (thru 5/15)$425
Early Bird MEMBER reg rate + 1 yr renewal (thru 5/15)$575
MEMBER reg rate (5/16-7/8)$475
MEMBER reg rate + 1 yr renewal (5/16-7/8)$625
Nonmember reg rate$595
Nonmember reg rate + 1 yr ACTE/CACTE membership$745
RETIRED MEMBER reg rate$330
Postsecondary Student in CTE Education program$150
Daily rate$205
Walk-in Full Conference rate (7/14-7/17)$685

See the schedule for the 2019 CACTE CareerTech Summit on that page under “EDUCATE” on the website or by clicking here. 🙂

Please read about the Professional Development Opportunities available on Thursday 7/18, including the CTE Credentialing Session, HERE on the website BEFORE entering the registration site – there are few details on the reg site itself. The CTE Credentialing Session is for teachers and counselors needing to move from an initial to professional CTE Credential. If you are interested in a CTE Director Credential, stay tuned for the CACTA (Administrators) Conference in early February!

Graduate credit from CSU is available (at additional cost) through the CCCS Professional Development CTE Common Checklist. Please go to http://coloradostateplan.com/educator/cte-professional-development-credit/for more information.  

It’s an odd-numbered year, so we are at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO, a familiar and comfortable place for CACTE Summit attendees. CLICK HERE to make your reservations, preferably by May 31. Rates include breakfast, the manager’s reception and wifi in your sleeping room. PLEASE PLAN TO PROVIDE THE HOTEL WITH A COPY OF YOUR TAX EXEMPT FORM PRIOR TO CHECK IN, IF YOU PLAN TO USE IT. If you call the hotel to make reservations, be sure to mention CACTE to receive these rates! Conference rates are as follows:

  • Single, $149 per night
  • Double, $149 per night
  • Triple, $164 per night
  • Quad, $179 per night

Embassy Suites address: 4705 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland

The 2019 CACTE CareerTech Summit: “Educate, Advocate, Lead” is where you want to be July 14-18!

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CACTE announces the Call for Presentations for the 2019 CareerTech Summit in Loveland, CO.  Decide what you have to share that is of interest to most Career & Technical Education professionals and complete the 2019 Call for Presentation Proposals application!   The  Call for Presentation application is due by April 16, 2019 to allow the CACTE Board time to review the proposals.  You will be notified around May 10 regarding proposal acceptance.The CACTE CareerTech Summit is July 14-18, 2019 and is at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO.

Don’t be shy – each CTE professional has knowledge that would benefit others!  Have a soft skills unit that your students really enjoyed?  Experience a fabulous year with your CTSO?  Read a book that inspired you?  Have a super connection with a post-secondary partner?  Know of some apps that others could use?  Have a great partnership with business/industry?  Not sure about presenting alone – grab a friend and present together!  CACTE needs YOU to share your knowledge with others!!!

NEW INFO: A question has been asked about marking proposals as “Educate, Advocate or Lead”. Here is a description you can use in making that decision:

  • EDUCATE: professional development for educators, teaching pedagogy, best practices
  • ADVOCATE: legislative issues and how they affect your programs, advocating for CTE in general and/or for your program in particular
  • LEAD: personal development for teachers to lead in their schools/districts/professional associations like CACTE

NEW INFO: Results of the survey are in – thanks for participating! If you want to do a presentation at the CACTE Summit but aren’t sure what would be of interest, here are some ideas from your fellow CTE colleagues. Notes in italics are from Debbie….

  • Workplace learning innovation (HOW to, not WHY)
  • EdTeach
  • CTE Branding
  • Technology in the classroom (thoughtful use of tech is our keynote speaker’s topic! 🙂
  • Teaching in the Department of Corrections (adult education programs/environments, where there are increased limitations on what can be brought into the classroom setting)
  • CTE for prisoners, What you can learn in Department of Corrections
    Teaching without the Internet for Students
  • Anatomy in Clay (a frequent exhibitor)
  • How to manage fundraisers and events (tracking spending, income, other finances- catering business)
  • Computer Science curriculum and trends in the workforce
  • How to use the community college guided pathway to promote bachelor’s degree completion
  • PERKINS changes – be sure to attend Monday’s general session as the CO CTE Team helps us learn more about this one!
  • Project based learning best practices
  • Grants and how to write them
  • How to move toward a CTE Director position
  • Colorado Secondary Business Administration Rollout and Curriculum
  • Changes to teacher credentialing
  • Trends in student drug use and effects in the classroom
  • Up to date information from nurses/practitioners regarding screen time, mental health

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CACTE Members Making News!

Tuesday, January 15 was a big day for CTE in the news and at the Capitol! CACTE member Eric Ward testified in support of HB 19-1008 before the House Education Committee. The bill addresses including CTE new facilities/equipment in the use of BEST funds.

And CACTE members Scott Burke, instructor, and Shelley Goerdt, Jeffco CTE Coordinator, made a News 4 Denver story happen with about 3 hours notice! News 4 Political reporter, Shaun Boyd wanted to visit a Skilled Trades class as she was covering HB 19-1008. CACTE connected her to the Geometry in Construction class at Green Mountain High School. Scott’s students did a fabulous job of illustrating why #CTE works wonders, talking about the specific and transferable skills they are learning by building a house for Habitat for Humanity! Here is the link to the story: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/01/16/shop-class-state-legislature-green-mountain/

Way to go, Colorado ACTE!

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Congratulations to the CACTE Excellence Awards Recipients for 2018!  It was thrilling to be able to honor all nine individuals in person at the CACTE Awards Presentation.  Thank you to all who nominated and wrote recommendation letters for these deserving honorees.

From L to R:  S Mease, H DeBerard, J Caldwell, C Runyan, M Batch, D Rivkin, R Van Dyke, E Vaughan and L Jones Austin

OUSTANDING CTE STUDENT-SECONDARY – Daniel Rivkin (TSA)          Read more about Daniel:  Rivkin.Daniel.CACTE.2018

CTE EXEMPLARY ALUMNI AWARD – Hayley DeBerard (TSA)    Read more about Hayley: DeBerard.Hayley.CACTE.2018

CTE NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR – Sahvanna Mease     Read more about Sahvanna:  Mease.Sahvanna.CACTE.2018

CTE TEACHER OF THE YEAR – Christina Runyan      Read more about Christina: Runyan.Christina.CACTE.2018

CTE ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR – Jaimie Caldwell     Read more about Jaimie:  Caldwell.Jaimie.CACTE.2018

CAREER GUIDANCE AWARD – Lauren Jones Austin     Read more about Lauren: JonesAustin.Lauren.CACTE.2018

OUSTANDING SERVICE BY A MEMBER – Robert Van Dyke     Read more about Robert:  VanDyke.Robert.CACTE.2018

CACTE HALL OF FAME – Martha Batch and Everett Vaughan  Read more about Martha and Ev:  Batch.Martha.CACTE.HoF.2018     Vaughan.Ev.CACTE.HoF.2018

The ACTE/CACTE award recipients’ nominations will be sent on to the Region V Awards, to be presented at the Region V conference in Bozeman, MT in April.  Those include CTE New Teacher of the Year, CTE Teacher of the Year, CTE Administrator of the Year and the Career Guidance Award. 🙂

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CACTE STRATEGIC THEMES FOR 2018-19 (program of work)

Recently, the ACTE Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan to move us forward into 2020.  Colorado ACTE decided to support the work of the national Board and has chosen to focus on 2 of the strategic themes included in the ACTE plan:  Member Value/Engagement and Professional/Leadership Development.  These themes will be a focus during Kimberly Baldwin’s presidency.

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2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit Presentations

Here are the presentations that have been shared with CACTE to date.  If you would like a specific presentation not listed here, please email Debbie (cacte@cacte.org) and she will contact the presenter.


cPearlBoundariesCACTE2018;  cPearlBoundariesCACTE2018





LJones.Equity.in.CTE.2018 CACTE







CareerWise Colorado.video.link

CareerWise.wo.videos.CACTE 2018


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Thank you to these leaders who have stepped to serve our career and technical education professional association!  We especially appreciate Mimi Leonard serving as “honorary” past president for the last year – your experience was extremely valuable to the Board, Mimi!

Serving on the 2018-2019 CACTE Executive Committee are:




President:  Kimberly Baldwin



President-Elect:  Robert Van Dyke



Secretary:  Jen Girvin



Treasurer:  Janny Jarvis



Past President:  Jay Moore




                                                                                          Executive Director:  Debbie Nelson

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Super cool new promotional video from Colorado CTE – CCCS!

The Colorado CTE Team introduced us to the super cool new promotional video for general audiences this morning during the “State of the State” address at the 2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit.  Several people have already asked for the link, so here it is!


Please use this video far and wide to let students and educators from Colorado tell the CTE story!

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Here is the YouTube link to the video from the 2017 CACTE CareerTech Summit, celebrating 100 years of Colorado Career & Technical Education!  Enjoy and share it widely!

Many thanks to Shelley Goerdt and Mainstream Video Production for putting this production together.

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