ACTE Election Information

Remember to cast your vote in the National ACTE Board of Directors Election!  Voting occurs November 30 – December 31 2018. .  More information can be found at  Colorado ACTE members will be voting for president-elect.  If you are member of the Business, Family & Consumer Sciences or New and Related Services Divisions, you will also be voting for a division vice president.  Be sure to look at your Nov/Dec Techniques magazine or the ACTE website (above) for information on each candidate.  You will receive your ballot via email from ACTE and it is personalized to you.  Lots of ours will only have ACTE president-elect on it, so it will take a short amount of time to prepare and vote.   If you don’t know the people on the ballot, ask someone who does. PLEASE make your voice heard – be an ACTIVE part of your professional association!  


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Registration for both the CATFACS and CACTA

Division Conferences is now open!

Family and Consumer Sciences professionals are encouraged to soar among the stars as CATFACS explores the cosmos of the FCS Body of Knowledge!  The annual CATFACS Winter Conference is January 31-February 1, 2019 at the Colorado Springs Embassy Suites.  Register at by January 15 for early bird rates!  For more information, including hotel link, click here.

CTE Administrators and others are encouraged to join in the fun of “The Real Game of Life” as CACTA discovers that CTE offers students what they really need for real life!  The annual CACTA Mid-Winter Conference is February 6-8, 2019 (Board meeting Feb 5) at the Loveland Embassy Suites.  Register at to save your spot on the game board!  For more information, including hotel link, click here.

Take advantage of these opportunities to network with your peers, one of the best benefits of professional association membership!  Learn a lot from speakers and each other, have some fun and bring the new knowledge back to your workplace to share with others!

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Congratulations to the CACTE Excellence Awards Recipients for 2018!  It was thrilling to be able to honor all nine individuals in person at the CACTE Awards Presentation.  Thank you to all who nominated and wrote recommendation letters for these deserving honorees.

From L to R:  S Mease, H DeBerard, J Caldwell, C Runyan, M Batch, D Rivkin, R Van Dyke, E Vaughan and L Jones Austin

OUSTANDING CTE STUDENT-SECONDARY – Daniel Rivkin (TSA)          Read more about Daniel:  Rivkin.Daniel.CACTE.2018

CTE EXEMPLARY ALUMNI AWARD – Hayley DeBerard (TSA)    Read more about Hayley: DeBerard.Hayley.CACTE.2018

CTE NEW TEACHER OF THE YEAR – Sahvanna Mease     Read more about Sahvanna:  Mease.Sahvanna.CACTE.2018

CTE TEACHER OF THE YEAR – Christina Runyan      Read more about Christina: Runyan.Christina.CACTE.2018

CTE ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR – Jaimie Caldwell     Read more about Jaimie:  Caldwell.Jaimie.CACTE.2018

CAREER GUIDANCE AWARD – Lauren Jones Austin     Read more about Lauren: JonesAustin.Lauren.CACTE.2018

OUSTANDING SERVICE BY A MEMBER – Robert Van Dyke     Read more about Robert:  VanDyke.Robert.CACTE.2018

CACTE HALL OF FAME – Martha Batch and Everett Vaughan  Read more about Martha and Ev:  Batch.Martha.CACTE.HoF.2018     Vaughan.Ev.CACTE.HoF.2018

The ACTE/CACTE award recipients’ nominations will be sent on to the Region V Awards, to be presented at the Region V conference in Bozeman, MT in April.  Those include CTE New Teacher of the Year, CTE Teacher of the Year, CTE Administrator of the Year and the Career Guidance Award. 🙂

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CACTE STRATEGIC THEMES FOR 2018-19 (program of work)

Recently, the ACTE Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan to move us forward into 2020.  Colorado ACTE decided to support the work of the national Board and has chosen to focus on 2 of the strategic themes included in the ACTE plan:  Member Value/Engagement and Professional/Leadership Development.  These themes will be a focus during Kimberly Baldwin’s presidency.

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2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit Presentations

Here are the presentations that have been shared with CACTE to date.  If you would like a specific presentation not listed here, please email Debbie ( and she will contact the presenter.


cPearlBoundariesCACTE2018;  cPearlBoundariesCACTE2018











CareerWise.wo.videos.CACTE 2018


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Thank you to these leaders who have stepped to serve our career and technical education professional association!  We especially appreciate Mimi Leonard serving as “honorary” past president for the last year – your experience was extremely valuable to the Board, Mimi!

Serving on the 2018-2019 CACTE Executive Committee are:




President:  Kimberly Baldwin



President-Elect:  Robert Van Dyke



Secretary:  Jen Girvin



Treasurer:  Janny Jarvis



Past President:  Jay Moore




                                                                                          Executive Director:  Debbie Nelson

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Super cool new promotional video from Colorado CTE – CCCS!

The Colorado CTE Team introduced us to the super cool new promotional video for general audiences this morning during the “State of the State” address at the 2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit.  Several people have already asked for the link, so here it is!

Please use this video far and wide to let students and educators from Colorado tell the CTE story!

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Here is the YouTube link to the video from the 2017 CACTE CareerTech Summit, celebrating 100 years of Colorado Career & Technical Education!  Enjoy and share it widely!

Many thanks to Shelley Goerdt and Mainstream Video Production for putting this production together.

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2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit Program now available!

The 2018 CACTE CareerTech Summit Program is ready for your viewing pleasure!  Take a few minutes to see what breakouts look good to you.  Arrive by 5:00 pm on Monday to register before the WELCOME DINNER begins at 5:30 pm.  Bring your favorite board game and/or swimsuit for the CACTE After Party on Monday evening.   Come prepared for morning walks on Tuesday and Thursday and yoga on Wednesday morning – staying active is important to keep our brains functioning later in the day. 🙂 Bring your refillable water bottles – we are at 9,600′ – gotta drink plenty of water!  Check out the plans your Division officers have for you on Wednesday.  Help celebrate the CACTE Excellence Award Winners on Thursday.  It’s gonna be a great time as “CTE: Reaches New Heights!”


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