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VOTING IS NOW OPEN for CACTE officers! Have your ACTE/CACTE member ID handy when you are ready to vote. Find your number on the mailing label of your Techniques magazine or go to, click "login" at upper right, then "Update My Info" Your Member ID is on the left. Or contact CACTE Membership Assistant, Kate Wagner, at

You'll be voting for CACTE President-Elect and CACTE Treasurer. We are pleased to announce the candidates:

  • President-Elect candidate - Tara Bell, Postsecondary Workforce Administrator, Cherry Creek Public Schools

  • Treasurer candidate -Laura Alsdorf, Future Educator Pathway Lead, EPIC Campus, Littleton Public Schools

  • Treasurer candidate - Micah Velasquez, Business & Information Systems Professor, Trinidad State College and Sr Manager, Internal Audit Data/Reporting, Charles Schwab


BRIEF BIO: Tara Bell brings 25 years of experience in education to her roles. She primarily taught health science courses and held various positions such as CTE Coordinator, Health Science Specialist, Program Director, Assistant to the Principal, and Postsecondary Workforce Administrator. Tara is currently an author at Cengage, coauthoring the 14th edition of "Body Structures and Functions." In her role as Postsecondary Workforce Administrator at Cherry Creek School District, she oversees work-based learning, concurrent enrollment, ASCENT, and TREP programs. Previously, Tara served as the Program Director for Health Science and Public Safety at the Colorado Community College System, where she oversaw all CTE Health Science and Criminal Justice Programs. Tara's career also includes roles as a Health Science Specialist at the Utah State Board of Education and as a Teacher and CTE Coordinator in the Weber School District. She holds a Principal Certification from Lamar University and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction from Weber State University. Tara earned her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology Teacher Education from Weber State University.

EXPERTISE & CACTE/ACTE AFFILIATIONS: I have a strong commitment to and extensive experience in Career and Technical Education (CTE). With 25 years in various CTE roles, including teaching health science (seven years), coordinating CTE programs (five years), and serving as a program director in two different states (seven years), and my experience in Cherry Creek School District (assistant to the principal at the CCIC and PWR administrator - six years), I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Having worked in different capacities within CTE, including at the state and district levels, I have a comprehensive understanding of CTE policies, practices, and challenges. This broad perspective makes me an asset to the Executive Committee and CACTE Board, as I can offer insights and strategies that benefit CTE professionals across the state. With my current role overseeing the Outreach Committee for CACTE demonstrates my ongoing commitment to advancing CTE in Colorado. My experience in leading large groups of individuals and my deep understanding of CACTE's vision and mission makes me a strong candidate for the Executive Committee. My passion for CTE, coupled with my leadership skills and extensive experience, makes me well-suited to contribute meaningfully to the Colorado ACTE.

COMMITMENT TO THE MISSION: My extensive experience aligns closely with CACTE's mission and purpose. 1. Educational Leadership: My background in teaching health science, coordinating CTE programs, and serving as a program director in two states, demonstrates my commitment to providing educational leadership in CTE. This directly supports CACTE's mission of developing a competitive workforce through excellence in CTE. 2. Program Improvement: With my experience in program coordination and leadership roles, I have contributed to the improvement of CTE programs in Colorado. This aligns with CACTE's goal of fostering excellence in CTE. 3. Policy Advocacy: Chairing the Outreach Committee, it involves advocacy for CTE policies that benefit students and educators. This directly supports CACTE's purpose of advocating for public policy in Colorado to benefit CTE. 4. Knowledge Sharing: My current role overseeing the Outreach Committee for CACTE demonstrates my commitment to knowledge connectivity in CTE. Acting as a clearinghouse for education and information, as well as providing access to professional development, aligns with CACTE's purpose of serving as a resource for all aspects of CTE. 5. Public Awareness: My involvement in CTE at various levels has contributed to raising public awareness of CTE in Colorado. This supports CACTE's goal of creating public awareness of CTE and its importance in developing a competitive workforce.


BRIEF BIO: Laura Alsdorf, Education Pathway Lead and Instructor at EPIC Campus in Littleton Public Schools, ignites students' passion for education careers through the concurrent enrollment programs Teacher Cadet and Early Childhood Education. She coordinates and supervises student internships, ensuring aspiring educators gain valuable real-world experience. Her sponsored FCCLA chapters consistently earn awards at state leadership conferences. Before her current position, Laura taught Family and Consumer Sciences courses (personal finance, careers, design) in Colorado and southern Illinois. Beyond the classroom, Laura is a Colorado Teacher Cadet Instructor Trainer. She utilizes her M.Ed. in Technology and experience to equip fellow teachers with the content to prepare future educators. Additionally, she teaches as an adjunct professor in education and early childhood education at Arapahoe Community College. Laura has actively advocated for the profession through leadership roles (division president, treasurer, legislative committee chair) and workshop presenter within CACTE's CATFACS division, demonstrating her commitment to elevating the profession.


Demonstrated Leadership:

*LPS Career Exploration Center Visioning Workshop Team (2020-present)

*LPS Career & Technical Education Innovators Committee (2020-present)

*LPS Career & Technical Education Budget Subcommittee ( 2021-present)

*Colorado State Program of Study ECE and Teacher Cadet Co-Chair (2020)

*CATFACS Board Member from 2008-2017, serving as President (2011-2014), Treasurer (2008-2012), Legislative Committee Chair (2015-2017)

*Colorado State Teacher Cadet Task Force Leader and Webmaster (2012-present)

*Future Teacher Expo Steering Committee (2012-2017) and treasurer (2017)


Communication (workshop presentations, committee work, instruction)

Collaboration (effectively work in groups to set and achieve goals)

Problem Solving (analyze situations and make sound decisions)

Attention to detail (record keeping on committee work, student internships)

Financial literacy (budgeting, fundraising, record keeping and reporting)

COMMITMENT TO THE MISSION: My career has been dedicated to preparing students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic workforce they will be entering. As a CTE and Family and Consumer Sciences educator, I have focused on providing students real world skills such as communication and critical thinking skills along with specific content knowledge to meet the needs in the workplace. My passion lies in filling the education pipeline by encouraging and recruiting students to consider education as a career. My experience with internship placements, particularly in the education arena, has strengthened connections between students and education professionals. The leadership roles I have assumed from treasurer to president in the CATFACS division of CACTE, and my years teaching in the CTE world, demonstrate my commitment to CACTE’s mission: to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce. I believe I would be a valued member of the Executive Committee because of my experience, strong organizational skills, responsibility, strength, and collaborative attitude.


BRIEF BIO: I am Micah Velasquez, applicant for the Treasurer role at CACTE. I was born and raised in Trinidad, Colorado, and after thirteen years living away in other parts of the state, I have returned to Trinidad and currently work remote with Charles Schwab in Internal Audit, and as a full-time business and computer information systems professor at Trinidad State College (TCS). In my two years working in education at TSC I have received the professor of the year award my first year, and in the second year I assisted in the pursuit of an Opportunity Now grant and led the creation of a new cybersecurity program, the sole core program that enabled TSC to receive a 3.5 million dollar grant to develop an Emergent Campus, a program that will train students with technical skills and provide them job placement to high income earning tech careers through satellite office and remote work opportunities in the local area. Moreover, I led the development of TSC’s first bachelor’s degree in business (BAS), and its review by the Higher Learning Commission. Moreover, I visit the local prison and teach prisoners in TSC’s business program at the facility. I also teach a senior technology course with a nonprofit organization Mt. Carmel that has become very popular, having taught over five classes and nearly 100 students in the past year. I believe my teaching experience has been blessed to cover various types of students and programs, and I hope to grow in my contributions to education by serving CACTE as treasurer.

EXPERTISE & CACTE/ACTE AFFILIATIONS: CACTE/ACTE involvement is beginning as a member in 2024. I have taught business and computer information systems CTE courses at Trinidad State College for two years, receiving professor of the year my first year. For the treasurer role, my educational and professional background in finance will enable me to take the current role of treasurer and develop its impact to a new level for the organization. This includes the responsibilities of financial reporting, and also enhancing the savings and investment practices of the organization to help it further improve its financial strength

COMMITMENT TO THE MISSION: I am interested in fulfilling the role of CACTE treasurer as I work professionally in the financial services industry, and as a professor of business and computer information systems at Trinidad State College where I instruct several CTE courses. My background encompasses the responsibilities that are entailed in this role, and I would be thrilled to further pursue my passion in education with CACTE, and to serve all students and programs that are aspiring to pursue successful careers and businesses. I believe the CTE perspective on education is a highly needed approach in education today, perhaps more than any other time. I am fully devoted to the mission and purpose of the organization, and motivated to support this effort and voice in Colorado's education system.

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